allister2-150x141   Allister my Helper !
allister3-150x150 Allister waiting for the next client
Testimonials from People :
For  a few years now I have shared my Reiki/Theta de-stressing methods with the students at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD).
My “Writers Block” Has Been Removed:
Just a note to thank you so much for removing my “writers block”.   When we talked last week and I mentioned that I hadn’t been writing – I thought it was because I hadn’t been feeling so good with the allergies acting up.     But your comment that you thought I had a block resonated and then when you sent me some healing energy – I awoke with such a renewed interest in my writing and have been extremely busy writing ever since.   
Thank you!   
I Am Looking At Life With A Whole New Set of Eyes:
I wanted to say that I am so thankful that God has put you in my life.  I was so blind before I met you and now I am looking at life with a whole new set of eyes.
Vanessa – MA
She Worked Through My Pregnancy:
I worked with Tanya when I was pregnant and past my pregnancy. I really enjoyed my sessions. I worked out through some panic issues that I had. I remember always feeling overwhelmed and not knowing what to do. We worked with several Sessions and I worked out all of them, such that when I was about to give birth I was at peace. My pregnancy was a hard pregnancy and only during our session did I find myself truly relaxing and letting go. 
After giving birth I continued working with her through job search and through the process of restarting my IT Career. I am still working on that, and will definitely recommend Tanya as well as have more sessions. This is one service with will change your life.
Grace, MA
I Had The Flu:
I was in bed with the flu and I heard about Tanya and what she can do.  I had nothing to lose.
Long distance she “worked on me” and within two days the flu was gone and I went back to work on the third day.
Thanks Tanya.  I don’t understand it, but it worked on me.
N.G. North Kingstown, RI
“The Miracle Man”:
My brother who lives in Maine had a very serious accident.  A truck ran over him crushing his left side from his pelvis to his head.  He was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery to repair his crushed ribs and punctured lung.  He was in grave shape.
I contacted Tanya immediately and she did “her thing” long distance.  He made it through this surgery extremely well.  Another one was scheduled to repair his crushed eye socket the next week.  He had other injuries also including broken elbow, broken clavicle to name only a few.
I contacted Tanya again and she continued to “do her thing” long distance on his eye socket surgery, and this time also the surgery went perfectly well.
The doctors told him he would have to be in intensive care for as long as three months, but as it worked out he was only in intensive care for 2 weeks, one more week in physical therapy and then he went HOME!!  They call him now “The Miracle Man”.  He is at home healing comfortably wanting to mow the lawn…
Thank you Tanya for your helping him heal.  It indeed is a miracle.
Weight loss:
I have been trying to lose weight with a little success.  I was able to lose a little weight by basically by watching everything I ate and cutting out on alot of food choices.
Tanya did a weight loss affirmation for me, (through Theta Healing) meaning that I was able to be reprogrammed and getting rid of my old belief system regarding my attitude toward myself and food, and reprogrammed my core of belief system to look at myself and food in a different way.  I found out that I was doing it all to myself by my attitude.
 It has roughly been a month since she has done this and I swear that I am wearing my clothes that were way too tight for me years ago.
I still am watching what I eat, I find that I am eating healthier food, but I feel more relaxed in my food choices.
L. R. – MA
Now pain free from Fibromyalgia:
I have suffered fromFibromyalgia pain for 15 years having good days and bad days, but after 3 Theta Sessions with Tanya I am experiencing no pain from Fibromyalgia.
I now can lift things and also mop my floor with more of a swift movement which I could not do before.
Liz – North Kingstown RI
Personal lifetime breakthrough:
Dear Tanya,
What a blessing it was meeting you. I do believe that nothing is a coincidence and that everything happens for a reason. I do believe I was meant to meet you Tanya.   Although I am still in the process of working with other issues with you that I have had for a long time I wanted to let you know about one of the breakthroughs I have had.
For a very long time, since childhood I have felt a need and a want to be creative, specifically to draw or sketch.  I tried but did not like my results. I never tried again in the 40 plus years since.  One session with you of Reiki/Theta healing and within a week I was drawing.. My first few sketches were horses and everyone says they are really good. I also drew angels and a sketch of my son Ronnie.
I am very very pleased with my progress. Thank you so much…
Karen — Attleboro, Ma / Groveton, NH
Cancer survivor:
Tanya has been a God-send.
I had a bi-lateral mastectomy with lymph node removal in July, 2009. I arrived in Swansea, MA in September 2009 to start chemo and radiation.
What a wondrous meeting.  She helped me moderate the treatments with Theta/Reiki with insight, awareness and friendship.
I am now a survivor which has its own challenges.
I am truly blessed to have Tanya in my life.
Deb – Swansea MA
Back pain:
Nothing is as sweet as the moment you’ve been released from pain. I have experienced low back pain intermittently since I was a teen, sometimes in the form of a minor nuisance and other times episodes of pain severe enough to keep me prone for 3-4 days, swallowing anti-inflammatory meds or muscle relaxants.  I enjoy excellent health otherwise and the back “blow-outs” usually resolve fairly quickly. In December 2008 I began having intense pain which involved my lumbo-sacral spine and basically all points south.  The pain was constant regardless of what level of activity I was engaged in; sitting, standing or lying were all equally painful.
The pain radiated down both legs and kept me awake at night.  I had altered sensations in my feet.  This continued throughout the winter months, even with chiropractic adjustments, stretches, and lots of ibuprofen.
At the end of March 2009 at a social gathering, I casually mentioned to Tanya that I was having alot of pain and was tired of feeling miserable.  She kindly offered her help and I accepted, not knowing quite what to expect. I don’t understand completely the dynamics of her healing treatment; however, I am absolutely certain of the results. It is now July and I have been absolutely pain free since Tanya treated me. The absence of pain is a beautiful  thing, and I have Tanya’s gift to thank for that.
Maryellen-Warren RI
Shoulder Pain:
When I first came to see Tanya I could not lift up my right arm. I had injured my shoulder a fall. Immediately after the treatment I could move it all the way up past my shoulder and also reach behind my back without any pain.  To date I am still able to move it freely without any pain.
Luann – Quincy MA
Back Pain from Accident:
Within days after my back operation Tanya gave me a session treating my lower back. I was in so much pain I could not sit up in bed. I also experienced nausea from the pain medication that was prescribed for me.
After my session with her I could sit up in bed (this was immediate) and she also helped my body to accept the pain medication as I experienced absolutely no nausea.
Liz – North Kingstown RI
Testimonials about animals :

Our family dog Bailey,  11 years old, arrived in Swansea the end of March 2010. He started limping.  The Vet was concerned.

We had an x-ray that showed a mass of some kind. Tanya worked on him and he responded immediately.
The next day he was his old frisky self.
A month later he is still not limping!
Blessings Tanya.
DMB – Swansea MA

horse-150x150-2Kerst the Horse

My horse “Kerst”  had an injury last April 2009 regarding the ligaments in his hind leg.
The hock had suffered soft damage tissue which usually takes a very long time to heal and sometimes never healing completely correct.                    
Tanya performed a Reiki/Theta session at the farm with Kerst and he enjoyed it immensely! I definitely noticed a difference in his leg and his attitude after her session.
With the help of Tanya and my vet I have now started riding him with success!
Tanya thanks again for helping Kerst!
Dan K – Smithfield RI