My Mission

Tanya is a certified Reiki Master practitioner in the Usui system of Reiki.

Tanya is also a certified Theta Healing Practitioner.

She was born and raised in New Zealand. When she was 12 she immigrated with her family to San Francisco by ship. At a young age she always knew she had the power of healing as well as her being well aware of her artistic abilities as an artist and designer.
As time came and went, she left San Francisco with her family and moved to Chicago and then after a few more years moved to the New England area. She became alot more aware of her healing abilities and studied Reiki with Roland Comtois becoming a Reiki Master. She also became a certified Theta Healing Practitioner here in New England.
This healing profession is something that she feels is what she is supposed to do, and firmly believes each one of us is responsible to use every and all talents available to them.
It never ceases to amaze her the power of the Universe/God within all of our lives. A person has to want to be healed in order for it to become real. Tanya is only the conduit between the Universe/God and who she is helping.
It is her prime objective to make a positive difference in her work with each one of her clients and their animals.

It is very important to her to leave a positive legacy behind her. A satisfaction that she attempted to use all of her gifts that were given her.

Tanya Hastings Reiki Master, Swansea MAWe all have a purpose in our lifetime and sooner or later we will realize our own purpose and that is why you have come to me.
We hold the keys to our own health, our own body and our future. The curious thing about Theta Healing is that Theta allows us (through our Creator) to change our old belief system and programming which most likely held ourselves back all of our lives. These programs we may have learned through our parents or our DNA from our ancestors.
Theta Healing can instantly re-program this old negative belief system and enable us to live the full healthy and financially abundant life we all should be leading.
It will be an honor to guide you through a healthy fulfilling life and a new total understanding of how the Creator can work in your life accomplishing these wonderful new experiences.