The reason these disciplines have evolved is they bring the patient to the more natural state of connection and intimacy with God, Source, Christ. In John 10:34, Christ states "....ye are gods". What is meant in that statement is as a spiritual being that we are, as we become less separated from the natural state of closeness to the creator, we then accentuate that creative power. Thus we enjoy and can influence over the state of our health and course of our lives..

What does Theta and Reiki effect ...?

Stress - Aches and Pains - Immune Deficiencies - Emotional Blockages - Attitude Treating often overlooked conditions is an aid to healing as well as to help alleviate the effects of cancer and many other ailments. There is another significant advantage energy healing patient can receive. That is breaking a soul contract. Our higher selves, or souls can repeat negative experiences. Breaking a Karmic cycle becomes a manageable event in the energy healing practitioner and client relationship.

Theta Healing and our daily attitude

With Theta: We can also improve our finances, weight issues, life goals to name only a few. In other words, through ThetaHealing® we can create our own reality. ThetaHealing® connects to the force which underlies all life. Our attitude is so important and one must be in a good place themselves in order to be useful to family and society. These energy healing practices open the space in your thoughts to allow a positive attitude to flourish.


A Reiki and Theta session will open the path to energy that created you in your most optimal form. A healing session is not a step backwards, or forwards, it is a step into a state of alignment with pervasive source. You experience the benefit of universal consciousness in an acute event. .



Pain is a not so subtle hint to seek a solution. Pain tells us a story and if we listen and see where it leads, it will stop talking. Pain wants our attention and is willing to move on once we take some action. Living with pain has become an accepted way of life for many. This state is not necessary for a source connected life. Pain can be a step you once took, now that you have engaged its reason and let it go.

Connection to Source

Connection to Source

A Reiki and Theta Healer are trained and tuned to connect with source, this connection is then focused and relayed to the patient. The patient now benefits from this funnel and focus and reaches with effect the underlying cause of unbalance in your body's energy. Energy healing seeks and finds the underlying imbalances which lead to disease.